Fancy Work

NEWSFLASH! Newly added STUFF. Sharree (Grasslands)  is patchworking tarpaulins, and Wai Zea’s (Footscray) Wardrobe is mounding, come get a bargain!

March 15th- 20th

If you go down to the park today, you’re in for a big suprise! A rustling cottage of recycled packets is growing…….

Tuesday. 10am Bring fabrics that are past it, and plastic packets and sacks. If it’s too raggedy for the charity shop or to pass on, we can still make a rug with it, and those packets and sacks are building a cottage… Bring scissors and snacks. Sharree begins the patchwork of tarpaulin, starting @ 1.30. Pippa will make a nice pot of  Earl Grey tea.

Wednesday from 11am Physical movement and memory re arranging Georgia Snowball (West Footscray) Something mysterious and fun with the cowgirl, circus girl, all round gorgeous and inclusive Diva Dingo (WA) bring a plate to share for lunch. Sharee’s tarpaulin patchwork  from 1.30. We will drink peppermint tea.

Thursday.10am please bring a plate of homemade food for children in detention. Something you liked as a child, or bake for your own children. These “unaccompanied minors” are far from home, with no date to walk free. Healthy homemade food please

11a.m. The rustling cottage needs some decorating.Bring some shiny bits and bobs and thread up some curtains and embellishing using metal, plastic and seeds. Bring sandwich fillings, and try some homemade sourdough with a pot of green tea. Pippa (Future Art Research)

Friday.  Meet at 10am outside the FAR building to take a walk along the Maribyrnong with us to identify native and introduced species suitable for weaving. Learn traditional basket weaving with native grasses. Adrienne Kneebone (Katherine NT) Wai Zea’s Wardrobe mound, pick out a saucy bargain! Bring some food to add to our picnic. Sharree’s tarpaulin patchwork @ 1.30 After lunch, a new character from performance artist Lizzil Gaye (Kensington) will serve chai tea, amongst other things…………..

Saturday from 10am  Make flowers using recycled materials for a carpet of blooms. Patchworking tarpaulins with Sharree. Wai Zea’s fabulous Wardrobe mound. Bring scissors and biscuits, we will drink pink herbal tea, iced if it’s a hot day.

Adrienne Kneebone (Katherine NT) Cluur (Future Art Research)

Sunday is Equinox, a seasonal celebration. Bring a picnic, and watch music videos from Africa. from midday.Izzy (United Struggle Project) We crack the keg and have an icey beer to celebrate our marvelous week. Happy equinox.

This project is funded through the Maribyrnong City Council grant program.

Fancy work would like to thank Kavanagh Balloons and Future Art Research for their support.

8 Responses to Fancy Work

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  2. karenne(blue girl mream) says:

    when does fancy work start?

  3. pippa says:

    That’s a gr8 question! Fancy Work runs between the 15th-20th of March. There will be a program, probably in crayon. There is performance, playshops, exhibits and cups of tea. Of course, if that blue girl from upstairs comes, it would be great if she joined in! xx

  4. cluur says:

    Blue Girl from upstairs… I want to meet her, whoever she is. Is there really a blue girl??

  5. Rayna says:

    hiya wonderful people

    I really, really, really want to come on Friday. Can I bring kidlets?


  6. Rayna says:

    Thanks for the wonderful hospitality FAR, especially Pippa’s AWESOME coffee and tucker making skills. Had a brilliant time, love new skills. Now happily embroiled in my love affair with spinifex.

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