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Art Installation Event with Live Electronica. Featuring work from Lalalullaby, Kris Keogh, Robin Fox, Severin Seiben, Richard Allen, Christan Patton, Adrienne Kneebone, Pete Strong, Pippa, Shami Kiely, Minna Graham, Tien Pham, Admiral Wayne, Paul Irving, Anthony Sawrey, Bargeman, Jade Acaster, Narinda Cook.

An intimate evening of fascination. Essence offers a stunning variety of quality creations in a comfortable setting. Large scale interactive installation “Lalalullaby” settles with scattered smaller scale sculptural audio visual works. Lightboxes. Caberet/ roving performance on low plinths for an audience seated at tables. Buttons to push, and detail to look for. Live music. Musical art. A conversational space with Art that is rich and easy to consume, unusual and tasty.

$15/10 full/costumed! on the door
Dress up!

Lalalullaby is a giant interactive window onto another world, where strange creatures invite you to experience new sounds.

A 2 storey tall pyramid sculpture with a furry egg-shaped swing suspended in the middle. Friendly performers invite you to singly enter the egg and experience melodic aural hallucinations as it swings in space.

The sounds are unique on each journey, using sensors measuring the swing’s position in the pyramid to create and modify a synthesised quadraphonic soundscape.

Links :

Kris Keogh :
Robin Fox
Lala Lullaby video :
Lala Lulaby video :
Lala Slideshow :
Lala Images :
Shami Kiely video :
Shami Kiely images :
Living Museum of the West :

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