Lala Lullaby

Lala Lullaby is a major interactive sculprure work by FAR-artists Pippa and Richie.  Recently home from a tour of NSW including gigs at –

  • What is Music festival 2009
  • Peats Ridge Festival
  • High and Dry Festival

Lukas swings JezZa – “Lala Lullaby” @ Rainbow Serpent 2009

Reactions from JezZa and SamIam – “Lala Lullaby” @ Rainbow Serpent 2009

Watch our lovely slideshow taken at the Rainbow Serpent festival 2009 :

This is what it’s like to sit inside a giant cosy knitted egg, swinging inside a five metre tall pyramid, being pushed by two costumed creatures while your motion generates a multilayered, synthesised, quadraphonic soundscape…

Video by Pippa, featuring Lukas Whatwhat SamIam Kim Pippa Jez Za. musical sculpture by Richard Allen, Pippa Willison and Paul Irving.

A mysterious sculpture, an engaging performance, a hypnotic soundscape, an experience in aural acrobatics, LaLaLullaby is all these and a bit more.

Techy stuff : Feedback potentiometers measure the major axes of movement and rotation which are translated into MIDI by an Arduino Microcontroller. The Midi output drives an Audiomulch Metasurface software synth and a Nord Modular G2 hardware synth which also handles the quad speaker panning effects. A live Mbira (thumb piano) is played by Richie and sent to the quad mix for a proper Lullaby effect… Oh yeah, and the whole lot is solar powered off a system we carry about in our Fire Engine.

Egg cover spun and knitted by hand by Pippa from 37 Alpaca fleeces.

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