Contact us!

email : info (at) (out of action for a few weeks – sorry!) or rich23e (at)

Phone : Richie on 0429 396639

Come visit : Check out our google maps location :

1 Response to Contact us!

  1. Simon Buck says:

    Hello you wonderful collective… im looking to get hold of Christian Patton or even better Robin Mutoid.. im wondering if this is richie as in richie allen? With the fab LED projector we watched baraka on the side of someones house in 2012 lol….

    My Name is Simon Buck and i was apart of the earthdream crew in 2000 and in 2012 haha and still am i guess ive been thinking lots of you wonder beings recently and wanted to reach out… robin and myself used to email lots but i lost access to that old email and in these crazy ass days thought its about time we talked

    Be suuuuuuuper cool if some one could send me a Number for chris so i could call through and have a proper catch up….

    Thinking lots about the power of the dream tribe and gonna find those guys somehow

    Simon aka earthtriber on insta…. my art grew from that Trip!

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