About FAR



Future Art Research is a new and exciting Artist Run Initiative based on the banks of the Maribyrnong River at Living Museum West, Pipemaker’s Park.

FAR practitioners care about the Future, and combine a variety of artistic and scientific disciplines to address the Big Issues of our time (whatever they may be)!
Expect rocket launches, exhibitions of fabulous creations, weird workshops, curious happenings, and music in the gardens…

Join the FAR art club for special events, facilities access, material discounts at local stores, and other stuff!

Plans hatched, deeds plotted, Future Art Research : Fun to be had.

Contact us  : info(at)futureartresearch.org

4 Responses to About FAR

  1. Current members of F.A.R. include :

    Richard Allen (Richie)
    General Christian Patton
    Admiral Wayne
    Stinki Claire
    Paul Irving
    Felipe Reynolds

  2. pippa says:

    In 2011 it’s
    Richard Allen
    General Xtian Patton
    Admiral Wayno

  3. Rayna says:

    hey FAR

    You guys are awesome. Have you got a newsletter?


    • Hey Rayna, nice fence weaving! We don’t have a newsletter yet – just posting stuff on this blog and facebook, but we’re building an e-mail list if you want to add yours… Are you coming down for Pippa’s fancy work next weekend? Check the contact page for email and f-book details! cheers, and hope to see you down there soon! Richard

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