Launch of “Seat for a Friend” Thursday November 7th!

“Seat for a Friend” is a public art commission produced by FAR’s Richard Allen, Christian Patton and Matt McCumiskey for Maribyrnong Council.

More than that, it’s an awesomely gorgeous piece of craftsmanship and secret playground located in a quiet spot down on the Maribyrnong…

Council is throwing a proper fancy Launch ceremony down there (with the new Mayor and everything) for midday Thursday the 7th of November, so come on down and art it up!

It’s in a strip of park along Riverpark Terrace Maribyrnong on the corner of Sandpiper grove…






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2 Responses to Launch of “Seat for a Friend” Thursday November 7th!

  1. pippa says:

    The Opening Launch was awesome. The Crimi Family (the poet who inspired the work) were in full effect. Antonino’s wife was very pleased with the reflection of her husband’s words. She said he would be pleased. The local residents have their coffee here, under the trees. Brilliant. Well done lads, nice 2 C the GP lubing up with beeswax!!!!

  2. Mei says:

    LOVE this sculpture. We live nearby and my kids love the intricacy of it, climbing up the tiny stairs carved into it and creating some awesome imaginative play. Kudos to the FAR artists behind this.

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