Richi’s 40th bush burn this weekend!

Roll up! Rollup! Tat down an lets roll out to RICHIS BIRTHDAY PARTY in Daylesford!

Saturday the 7th YES THIS SATURDAY

Richi will be burning things and flinging stuff. Bring yer good selves and a suprise, he loves suprises…. Now there’s nowt there but gorgeous bushy nature, in bulk. So bring all commodities/amenities on your wagon…


Directions from Christian and Cluur :

Step 1. From Melbourne, take Western Hwy, head to Daylesford. When ya get there, keep going straight through town toward Hepburn.

Step2. travel approximately four Kms till you hit a triangular road-island on your left with a sign-post with a number of signs attached.  One of these points left to Newstead, follow it (ie turn left here).

Step 3.Approximately 10 Kms along, this road veers left toward Newstead, so should you. After a further 4Kms turn Left into Yandoit Ck rd.

step 4. Proceed another 500m and Turn left again into High st, towards Yandoit.  If you see a little white sign with a black R and an arrow painted on from here on in, follow it!

Step 5. Travel a further 2Kms and then turn right into Glamorgan rd. We will try to get there early and leave some type of signage to let you know you are on the right track. Property is 1.2 kms on right (no gate or fence really, but you should see us right there…

Please note that the final 600m of road might be not so good depending on weather.   be careful…

If the road is bad, or you have a silly huge truck like Rich that can’t cope with overhanging trees, you can go the back way :

From step 4, don’t turn left at High st, keep going another 3ks until you see a roadsign on the left saying “Ballarat” and another saying “Jarjarawong” underneath – take that road left.

Go another 0.8ks until you come to a hand painted “no through road” sign straightahead – go that way!

Another 300m ahead, turn Left at Glamorgan rd and keep going (less than 1k) until you come to the top of a hill with gates either side of the road and a T intersection dead ahead.

Go to the T intersection, and you should see us straight ahead in the trees!

Clear as mud?

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